Clip Art

  1. Soccer / Football Clip Art

    I love making action clip art! It’s very absorbing, and I find myself giving the characters personality when I am working with them and anticipating how their expressions would look. This soccer set was no exception – look at the determination on their faces! Find this set in my Teachers...

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  2. Toon Teen Clip Art

    This is something a little different. I’ve been working on a set of cartoon style teenagers for different clip art collections. I wanted something that bridged realistic and very ‘flat’ drawing and this is what I came up with. I am going to use these characters for a range of...

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  3. New Bat Clip Art at TPT!

    I’ve just loaded this little bat onto my Away With The Pixels TPT store. There are 6 color and 6 black and white images for $1.50. I like this little bat as he is neither too scary or too cutesy and will work well to illustrate many projects for Halloween...

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  4. Funny Face Clip Art

    I’ve been making some funny face clip art, and you will see that I’ve used a slightly different technique to do these and the colors and shading are softer than normal – more cartoon like. I really like this effect and when I showed it to my students they loved...

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  5. New Halloween Clip Art

    Growing up in Britain in the 70s the whole Halloween thing has sort of passed me by! We used to celebrate Guy Fawkes Day on November 5th, and it wasn’t until a few years ago that I realized what fun I was missing out on with Halloween! So while I...

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